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Wriggling Worms


12 months up to 2 years

Our younger children have the use of two rooms, both rooms allow children the space to roam.  Upstairs has a sectioned off area that gives a safe space to crawl and a quiet area for our sleeping coracles (ground cribs that allow toddlers to crawl in and out when not sleeping). 

Babies and toddlers use their entire bodies to discover the world around them, so our indoor nursery gym is perfect at encouraging active play. Open shelving and browser boxes help unsteady movers to cruise along, while holes for posting and treasure baskets full of curiosities keep their minds learning and interested. Small water or sand boxes and builders’ trays will provide endless messy fun and daily activities such as singing and storytelling, along with access to the outdoors and all the fun that brings, will keep your little ones busy and entertained until it is time to go home.


All furniture at Woodlands nursery is made by Community Playthings.

For more information please visit  

Community Playthings | Nursery school furniture and equipment

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