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Woodlands Nursery is open five days a week

from 8am – 4.30pm, for children from 12 months to 4 years.  

Children can attend term time (38 Weeks) or all year (50 Weeks). 

Our holiday club offers childcare over the holidays and half-terms but     availability is limited.

Early Start with Breakfast

8.00am until 8:30am, early drop offs are available o parents and include              breakfast cereals, toast and fresh fruit.


Morning with Lunch

Sessions will run  from 8.30am until 1:30pm,

during which time a variety of healthy snacks are on offer. 

Children are given a hot and wholesome lunch bursting with local seasonal        goodness and flavour prepared by NurseryKitchen

Nursery Day

Sessions run from 8.30pm until 4.30pm,

during which a variety of healthy snacks and lunch is offered.


15 hours funding

Eligible two and three -year-olds a can receive 15 hours of early years funding         (term time only).


Woodlands 30 hours funding Offer

Eligible children who can receive an extra 15 hours of funding per week qualify by  taking a minimum of three nursery days.

30 hours funding can be spread across the year.


Service charges still apply even once children are in receipt of funding, this is to cover the costs that are not covered by the government funding, such as: Forest School,  digital learning journeys, lunch, snacks and extra classes like dancing, Sing and Sign.

All extra classes are term time only. 

At Woodlands Nursery, any combination of sessions are welcome, as we want to

offer as much flexibility as possible.

Bookings are reservations for the year ahead and any changes have to be made

with a minimum of a months written notice.  

Therefore any absences for any reason can not be refunded.

Woodlands-Enquire Now-30-30.png

Please enquire for our most recent price list.


Suffolk County Council set the dates for three nursery terms a year, funding is given for a total of 38 weeks a year.

A minimum of 15 hours a week is needed to reserve a 

nursery place.

Invoices for nursery fees come out monthly. 

Holiday club can be booked and invoiced separately.


The holiday club has limited capacity but can occasionally offer school aged

children between 4 and 8 years,

full day care (8:30 – 4:30) during the school holidays.

Full days will be priced at £40 a day.

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